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The advantages of being able to work on a rig out of the weather without necessarily having to take it down are numerous. Services offered by Black Rock Boat Works comprise “anything from the deck up,” including mast stepping and replacement, consulting, inspections, standing and running rigging, splicing, tuning and race preparation. They’re also a distributor for rod, wire, cordage and fittings from Harken, New England Ropes, Ronstan, Antal, Robline, Marlow, Raymarine, Wichard Group, Hayn, BSI Rod Rigging, and others.

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value, Thanks for your prompt and professional service. I look forward to tackling some other projects in the future.
David, I want to thank you for your work and supplying my shrouds, backstay and hardware. I appreciate your work…
Thank you,
Dick Morris IAAI CFI REMCo Fire Investigations

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